Saturday, May 12, 2012

My 3 year old is a sloth

3-year-olds, or at least my 3-year-old, does not understand the concept of "hurrying up". For some reason, this fact incenses me, and I don't mean that it burns me in aromatic oils or perfumes. I try to get my daughter to speed things up, but instead she switches whatever it is she is doing from "Sloth" speed to "A Snail's Pace". Her aunt in Oklahoma has started referring to my daughter as "Pokey Joe", because no matter what she is supposed to be doing, it takes a loooooong time. And that's coming from someone who lives in The South, where life moves a little slower than us yankees are accustomed to.

Just this afternoon, my daughter was making me pull out all of my hair - actually I was attempting to just pull out the gray ones, which would have been ok, but I got some of the brown ones, too, which is not ok! I had taken her and her little brother to a model train show, which turned out to be just a model train sale, which is a big difference when you have two toddlers in tow who do not have a grasp of how hard it is to earn money. So, what happened was that I would try to divert their attention away from all of the fun train-themed things that were for sale while they would simultaneously grab items off of tables, shoving them in my face trying to get me to buy them. I did relent and buy them both a couple of Thomas wooden trains to add to their collection, which seemed to appease them.

Any ways, on the way home from the train show, we went through the drive-thru of a DQ, with the intent to stop at the park across the street to eat, and possibly play at the cool playground before we headed home for nap time. Both kids got a hot dog, a cup of applesauce, a carton of milk, and the smallest scoop of ice cream known to man. I was thinking we could all be done scarfing down our food  in 5 minutes or so, and have plenty of time to play. Approximately 45 minutes later, my daughter still had half of her hot dog left, and that was even without eating the bun, which she turned her nose up at. Her brother was quickly approaching full zombie nap mode, having finished his lunch what seemed like hours earlier, so I hustled them home as fast as I could, without even a single turn down the fun looking slide. We got home and I discovered she still had 98% of her applesauce left, too! Too bad she fell asleep on the car ride home. The applesauce was delicious!

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