Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bad Dream

Dreams sure can be weird. I haven't done a lot of studying of dreams, but I've heard some theories over the years. Some people think certain dreams can mean different things. Like, if you dream that you're getting eaten by a bear, that means you need to remember to stop on your way home from work and buy some more dog food. Or if you dream about falling out of a building, that means you should quick go out and rent a basement apartment. Personally, I've never subscribed to any of these crazy theories. They all seem like a bunch of hooey to me.

I only ever remember having one recurring dream in my life, and it only happened a few times during my childhood. It always occurred when I was running a fever, which luckily was not all that often. During those times of illness I would have these crazy dreams where I was alone on a jungle island, finding my way through the overgrown foliage. I would have an ever deepening sense of foreboding in my dream, like something really bad was about to happen. This feeling would build in intensity throughout the dream, but I was never sure exactly what was about to happen- just that it was something really bad. The tension and anxiety would build and build in my dream, until finally, the island I was on exploded in a fiery volcanic blast. I would jolt out of bed in a sweaty and jittery panic, sure that I had just been blown to smithereens. This was a very traumatic dream for a small child to have, so you can see why the memory has stuck with me ever since.

Luckily, I haven't had that dream in a long time, and I really don't remember very many of the dreams I do have nowadays. Just the other night, though, I did have a very bad nightmare. It was the scariest dream I can remember having in a long time. The problem was that it was ultra realistic, like it could have actually happened in real life. I didn't dream about dragons or witches, or any other fantastical beings. And I didn't dream about tornadoes or tsunamis or any other natural disasters like that. My dream hit way closer to home than any of those things. Actually, it's kind of hard for me to even write about what I did dream about, since it was so frightening to me. But I have come this far, so I might as well just get it off my chest. OK, here goes, I dreamed that, oh  man, this is almost too scary to type out... I dreamed that we were...already...having...another...BABY!!!! Oh my goodness, it was possibly the scariest dream I could have right now! Another baby in our house would be scarier than Jason, Freddy Krueger, and the Loch Ness Monster all rolled in to one! We can hardly handle the, how many kids do we have now? It seems like about 17...Oh yeah, it's just 3. But still, some times 3 is more than we can handle right now. Even just dreaming about having more is enough to give me a case of the screaming willies. I wouldn't wish that dream on any one. At least until the 3 we have go off to college. Then maybe we could handle another...

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