Sunday, May 13, 2012

Big Plans

As you may have noticed, the title of this blog is "Chaotic Kids & Clutter". With two toddlers and one newborn hanging around, you can be sure that there is always a constant barrage of clutter filling our house. No matter how many times we tell our two oldest kids to clean up after themselves, it is not in kids' DNA to remember to actually do that. They are much more inclined to take a toy out of the bin, play with it for approximately 10 seconds while they are walking into a totally different part of the house, and then drop it in a random spot on the floor before going back to the toy bin to repeat the process an indiscriminate amount of times. Right now the toy bin is in our living room, so the kids have full access to our main living, eating, and sleeping quarters in which to deposit their toys. This causes all sorts of fun times for mommy and daddy as we step on, kick, and stub our toes whenever we move.

We have plans on moving all the toys downstairs and turning our family room into one big toy room, mainly so that we can just herd the kids downstairs and have some peace and quiet upstairs. But this plan hinges on one thing: first, we have to clean up the basement! It shouldn't be that big of a job...anybody wanna watch three slightly chaotic kids for a couple of months while we do some cleaning? We'll be happy to provide some toys to step on, I mean, play with.

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