Friday, May 11, 2012


Hey, look at me! I'm a blogger! I can't hardly believe it myself. This is something I never really thought I would do. But, in the past couple months, life has become completely and hopelessly filled with chaos around my house, and I thought I would start to write about it, so the outside world can have a chance to experience the same chaos that I get to be a part of every day. You see, a few short weeks ago, my beautiful wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl. You're probably saying to yourself, "Self, what's the big deal about having a baby? Any nincompoop can have a baby. That's nothing new!" And I agree, you'd be right if you were thinking that. What makes life in our house so chaotic is the fact that we brought our new bundle of joy and poop home to meet her 21-month-old brother and her just-barely 3-year-old sister. So we now are a household unit comprised of a well-intending but sometimes juvenile daddy (Me), and wonderful mommy who keeps everything and everyone in line (The Wife), a 3-year-old daughter who thinks she knows as much as daddy (and may be correct in that thinking) (The Girl), an overly-dramatic 22-month-old son who constantly thinks he is being wronged somehow (The Boy), and a baby girl who comes with all the neediness you would expect from a newborn (The Baby). Throw in a yorkie-poo who gets far less attention than he was formerly accustomed to and a lhasa apso whose favorite activity is hiding out underneath the dining room table and lunging at any unsuspecting ankles that happen to be walking by, and you've got a recipe for possibly the most chaos to be found anywhere in the known universe. Things happen around our house that would boggle the minds of scientists everywhere, and I plan on documenting these things for your reading pleasure. Stop by and check out the happenings often, as every day brings the potential for more and more weird events. Thanks for checking out Chaotic Kids & Clutter!

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