Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Think We've Got a World Record On Our Hands

A good friend of ours is having her first child in a few months, and she recently asked all of her facebook friends for suggestions on what to ask for when they register for their baby shower. She got all sorts of good advice, but then the conversation turned to diapers; more specifically, which brands were best, and how many were needed. We have always been fans of Target brand diapers, because they hold a lot of, let's say, "stuff". The name-brand ones might hold as much "stuff", but they let the "stuff" leak through way too quickly. The name-brand ones probably would be good for parents who aren't lazy, and who enjoy changing diapers several times throughout a day. We, on the other hand, want to change diapers as seldom as is humanly possible, so we'll stick with the ones that hold the "stuff" and keep it in.

Which leads me to the next topic: How many diapers are needed for a baby? One time a different friend of mine made the comment that she thought they would spend $300 a month on diapers once their baby was born. What!?!? When I went back and figured out how much we spent on diapers for our three kids, I think I came up with something like $30 a month. I think the name brand diapers that change color when the baby pees is one of the greatest marketing ploys known to man. Just because there's a little pee in the diaper does not mean the baby is uncomfortable. Diapers are made out of the most absorbent material in the world. Every drop of pee is instantly wicked away from the baby, who I'm sure doesn't even realize he's gone potty. There's no need to change the diaper as soon as it changes color!

In contrast, we change our babies' diapers probably less often than anyone else would admit to. I have always thought it was fun to see how full I could let the diapers get before they started leaking around the edges. I routinely announce that the really full ones have set a "new state record" for weight of diaper, and me and the kids have a little mock celebration. Honestly, I have taken some 5 and 6 pound diapers off of our kids, and they were never the worse for wear. I say get as much use out of your things as you can, diapers included. Now, where did I put that scale? I just pulled a big one off the boy!

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