Monday, May 21, 2012

Should We or Shouldn't We?

I'm sure a lot of you are going to think we are pretty much completely insane. But it's something we've been thinking about for a while now. Just how many do we want to have? I never really thought about this before we got married, and then it took us a couple years to decide to have our first. After our first, things were going smoothly around the house, so it was easy to decide to have another. Now, we have a nice little family going, but if we are being honest with ourselves, we need to admit that there's always the possibility that it may grow in size. Just the other day, we thought for sure that we were going to be adding another to the equation. It seemed pretty imminent, which made me start to worry about having another mouth to feed, and whether or not we even have room in our house for all of us. Not to mention all the new toys we would have to get; hand-me-downs are good, but we'd have to get the new family member at least a few toys of his own. I was just trying to figure out how we could rearrange all the beds in the house, when our imminent dreams of adding to our family were suddenly dashed: the owner of the stray dog that had camped out on our front stoop showed up and whisked him away in her car. It was a little sad to see him go, but I guess having two dogs in the house is enough for now.

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