Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bad Decisions are the Worst

I have made it my goal to get through an entire day without making a single bad decision. Since making that my goal a few months ago, the latest I have gotten into any single day without a bad decision has been 10:49 AM. This is proving to be much harder than I originally imagined. This morning I thought I was doing well, but then I got to work and saw the leftover cream-filled cupcake that was sitting out all night after my boss' birthday party yesterday. It looked like a Hostess cupcake, so, obviously, I thought it would have the same shelf-life as a Hostess cupcake. It did taste good, but now that it's been lingering in my tummy for the past few hours, I would hesitate to call it a good decision.

Many people would probably look at my wardrobe and claim that it's impossible for me to not make a bad decision every morning when I get dressed. I would tell them that I am the epitome of fashion on any local municipal golf course. This high praise of my own fashion sense is usually answered with a major guffaw, or at least minor retching.

Getting back to my bad decisions, I know they are probably just a way of life, but I tend to get sick of them happening so often. It seems like I always choose the wrong line at drive-thru windows, which leads me to be late to wherever I am headed, while I watch ten or more cars going though the line next to mine. As you can probably imagine, this can be very aggravating.

Or I'll say to myself, "Self, it's June. Shorts are always the right pant choice in June!" Then I will spend the evening trying to nonchalantly snuggle closer to anyone and everyone I am near, whether I know them or not, in the attempt of not dying of hypothermia. This happened last night when my bride and I went to the Twins game. It would be embarrassing to die of hypothermia in front of so many people! Plus, it's a good way to make new friends.

Any ways, if anyone knows of some secret way to avoid bad decisions, let me know. Even though I'm pretty sure I will start right up again making more bad decisions the next day, that one day without them would be pretty sweet.

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