Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Girl and Her Plopsy, Whatever That Is

The two older kids always spend Wednesdays with their Grandma Retta, and that was the case today, even though Grandma Retta was going to be busy helping put on a get-together at Great-Grandma Millie's house. Aunt Sonie was putting on her own get-together at Great-Grandma Millie's house, too, so there was all sorts of fun people for our kids to get in the way of. I was told that they both were actually very good, and didn't cause any problems, but I know better than that. There must have been some sort of bedlam, or at least a minor brouhaha, because if the kids were at our house for the same amount of time, both these things most definitely would have happened. We are often told that our kids are well-behaved when hanging out with other people, but we don't believe it for a minute.

Despite the stories of their good behavior, the girl did come home with evidence of some sort of scuffle. She had a small scrape or scratch on her chin. I wasn't exactly sure what it was, and I was very interested to hear how she got it.

The answer I got filled me with bewilderment. In her words, "I was just walking by Aunt Sonie, and she gave me a plopsy on my chin."

"A what?" I asked, since I wasn't sure I had heard her correctly.

"Aunt Sonie was walking next  to me, and, uh, I, uh, got a plopsy on my chin."

"I'm not sure what a plopsy is, Sweetie."

"You know, a plopsy."

I really did not know what a plopsy was, and I didn't seem to be getting much of a definition from my 3-year-old. So I just asked her, "Well, it looks like it might have hurt. Does it hurt?"



That was the end of our conversation. It probably could have gone on for hours if I had let it. Later on I found out from my wife what exactly happened. She had gotten a little scratch on her chin. I guess I could have figured that out on my own.

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