Saturday, June 23, 2012

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I don't want to continuously write about the same subject matters - no wait - yes, I do. As I have written about before, we took the opportunity last week to move a large majority of our kids' toys downstairs while they were in Oklahoma with their Aunt and Grandma. This was quite possibly the best decision my wife and I have made as a duo, as it performed two tasks that we have been trying to figure out how to do for as long as we have had mobile children in our house: 1. How to keep our main living quarters neat and free of children's toys that have the evil tendency of landing smack-dab in the middle of everywhere Mommy & Daddy tend to walk; and 2. How to get the kids in a different part of the house for whatever amount of time that is possible. The short amount of time that we have had this set-up has boosted the morale in the Hanson adults to near record levels. At this rate you may even see the both of us smile in the near future!

Calamity is probably too strong of a word, but there has been one minor nuisance that has arisen since we moved the toys into the basement. You see, even though it is a finished basement, it is still a basement, and it comes with all of the unappetizing things that basements have. Namely, spiders. When we were cleaning the house last week, I vacuumed up approximately eleventybillion spiders in the basement, and it has become abundantly clear that I barely made a dent in their population. This morning when I went down there with the kids to help them set up a new elaborate track assemblage for their Thomas trains, I walked through a large spider web that had appeared overnight in the corner of the room, and the very first train I picked up was concealing an unwelcome cohabitant of the eight-legged variety. It tried to scurry away, but was soon smushed into arachnid oblivion.

So far, neither of the kids has noticed any of the spiders that I have found, which is probably a good thing. We want them to want to keep going downstairs, and the knowledge of spiders in the basement may be a hindrance to that. The Girl does not like bugs at all, even though her parents have tried to instill a feeling of indifference towards them. The Boy seems to like bugs, if they are small, even to the point of wanting to play with them, but if they have much size to them, he very well may run in the opposite direction. Their Daddy actually likes bugs, so hopefully his feelings will rub off on them some day, because he's getting tired of lugging the vacuum downstairs all the time.

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