Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Hear Wedding Bells...

My wife and I have always been big fans of arranged marriages. Not for us, but for other people. Oh sure, some people might think of them as barbaric or old fashioned, but we think arranged marriages are a good way of keeping potential Jerry Springer Show guests out of our family tree.

Because of this, we have already started looking at potential spouses for our three kids. We think we have a good handle on things concerning the Girl and the Boy, so now we can turn our attention to the Baby. The first possible spouse that we are considering is a plump, fresh newborn, let's call him Chubby Cheeks, born just a little over a week ago to our good friends, let's call them Jose and Charro. We have set them up on a couple of blind dates already, first at the hospital where Chubby was born, and then at a fun wedding shower that was being thrown at church on Sunday. It seemed as though there may have been quite a spark between the two: our Baby showed her interest in Chubby by not spitting up on him, and Chubby played the old "hard to get" routine by sleeping through both dates. We have good feelings about this relationship!

Just in case Chubby is the one for our dear Baby, we took a couple of photos of the two of them together. Won't it be fun for them to look back and reminisce about their very first date when they get old and gray?
The Baby and her new beau, Chubby, on their second date

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