Monday, June 18, 2012

The kids are home- It's time to relax!

Now that the two older kids are back home from their trip to Oklahoma, I decided to look over the list of all the things we wanted to get done while they were gone. It was an impressive list, if I do say so myself, and would have taken herculean efforts from the Wife and me to get everything done. Well, it turns out neither of us are anywhere near herculean, but we did get a good chunk of work done around the house. I wasn't sure how well we would do, so I thought we should invite some people over at the end of the week, so that we would have to stay on task, at least as far as the cleaning of the house was concerned. I guess you could say that our lunch guests were a sort of carrot dangling on the end of a stick, although that's a metaphor they might not have been too excited about. Personally, I've never been compared to a carrot, at least as far as I can remember, but it doesn't seem like it would be good for the old ego. One time my sister called me "rutabaga-head", and I didn't like that one bit. It seems like being compared to any root vegetable would be really sad.

Any ways, we invited a few people over for lunch on Saturday, and got the house ready just in time. When I say "ready", I assume that you know what I mean. In our house, "ready" means that the main rooms in the house are clean and, for the most part, organized, but there's that one room in which the final piles of clutter that we didn't get to are thrown, and then the door is closed tightly so that our guests don't go in. Most good hosts would simply ignore that room while giving the guests a tour of the house. For some reason I am always implored to point it out, by yelling "Don't go in there!" as I lead our guests past the door. Subtlety is not my strong point, apparently.

Lunch went smoothly, the Wife made some scrumptious kabobs that I have been dreaming about and drooling over ever since, and none of our guests sneaked in to the closed room. I am glad we went ahead and invited people over for lunch, even though it meant we had to work like dogs all week to get the house ready. It almost makes having all the kids home seem like a vacation. I'll probably never say that again!

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  1. We agreed to host our team meetings every Wednesday for the same reason!