Monday, June 25, 2012

Looks Like Some Family Has a Case of the Mondays

Today we had one of those mornings that happen every once in a while when you have a house full of small children. For some reason, everybody in the house was ornery, and it was obvious why that was. Everyone woke up way too early. It was so early that it almost made me spell "way" with several extra "a"s, you know, like "waaaaaay too early", to emphasize how early it was. But this is a blog of high literary esteem, so I decided not to do that.

If you believe that last sentence, then you are waaaaay too gullible.

It was obvious that the kids had gotten up too early as soon as they were all up and around. The Baby was crying like a mimmy-jimmy, and could not be consoled by any means. The Boy was whinier than normal, complaining about everything and acting as though every time he bumped into anything it hurt as much as a broken arm. The Girl was weepy and whiny, as well, instead of her normal cheery self. For the purposes of this blog, I will pretend that Daddy did not show any signs of waking up too early. As per usual, Mommy was calm, cool, and collected.

The Baby's grumpiness was squashed after breakfast, when she fell asleep in Mommy's arms. The other two rascals seemed to be doing better after they ate, too, although the act of eating didn't go too smoothly. The Boy refused to eat his eggs, which is a sure sign of orneriness, because he loooooves his eggs. He did agree to have a yogurt, but then he got mad when Daddy tried to open it for him. The Girl was just generally whiny about everything, from claiming to have the wrong spoon, to being pushed in too close to the table, and everything in between. Once they got some food in them, though, they were both much happier. Daddy perked up after his usual three eggs and a morning Dew, too.

I don't remember too much hostility after breakfast, so maybe the morning wasn't really that bad. Or, maybe I dozed off for the next three hours. Whatever the case, next thing I knew Mommy was back home again and it was time for lunch. I guess it was just a normal Monday morning, after all.

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