Monday, June 4, 2012

My Take on the Female Mind

There is one, and possibly only one, thing that I am totally certain about in this life. And that is that I really, really have no idea how the female mind works. It is an amazing thing - something that awes me time after time after time. I know a certain female who probably would say that she doesn't understand how the male mind works either, but if she really thought about it, she would be more accurate in saying that she does know that it doesn't work. Men (I will generalize here about the male of our species, because I am one) are dumb.

Case in point: I was just informed by that same certain female that we are going to be picking up, from some good friends of ours, an exersaucer that we loaned, not to them, but to one of their parents. Not only did my certain female remember 1. That we owned an exersaucer; but also 2. Who we had loaned it to, at least a year ago or more. If I had remembered that we owned one (which I wouldn't have), I probably would have spent an entire evening digging through piles of kids' stuff in our basement and beyond looking for it. How does she remember all this stuff?

What is probably even more impressive is her memory when it comes to our kids' clothes. As you probably know, we have three different sized kids, all of whom have approximately eight times as many clothes in their current sizes as their dad has in his. If you know how kids work, though, at least in the first few years of life, they stay in a certain size of clothing for about 4 days, before they move on to the next size. So we have to keep a supply of clothes on hand for the sizes they will be growing into in the coming months. We, literally, have more than 35 boxes of clothes not currently being used, stationed strategically in our basement, just waiting to be called upstairs for their 4 days of glory. The amazing thing is, I could reach into any random box of clothes, swirl it around a few times, pull out some generic onesie or footy pajama, and the certain female I know could tell me exactly when we got it and from whom it came. I, on the other hand, have to look at the tags just to tell if a shirt belongs to our 2-month-old (who is quite small) or our 3-year-old (relatively, quite large).

I chalk this difference in brain power up as just a wonderful way in which two humans can come together to form a terrific team of parents. We both have our strengths, and if I think of mine I'll write about it in an upcoming blog.

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