Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remembering The Glory Days

Despite the seemingly turbulent life we lead here in the Hanson household, there's no way I would want to go back to life before kids. Having kids is awesome. Our three have filled up my life with an enormous amount of joy, and a somewhat smaller amount of aggravation, so I figure I have come out ahead in the whole scheme of things.

Oh sure, there are a few things that used to take up a much larger portion of my time, and have had to take a back seat since the kids have come along. I don't go fishing as much as I used to, but I probably did that an unhealthy amount, any way. I mean, spending upwards of 200 days a year on a trout stream is overdoing it a little, don't you think? Kids are way more fun to tickle and tease than a trout is, that's for sure, and it's easier to find their lips when you want to give them a smooch.

I used to have more time to hang out with friends, too, doing things like playing NTN Trivia and, um, well, I guess that's pretty much all we did. My wonderful bride lets me go and play trivia still, and we seem to hang out with friends often, so maybe this was a bad example.

There definitely is one thing that I do miss, however. Something that I may not be able to enjoy again with any regularity until I retire. I'm not mad at the kids about it - I know it's just part of life when you have three young ones running around. What I have lost since having kids is the ability to nap. I used to be an awesome napper. I could set my phone alarm for 20 minutes, lay my head down, and I would be out for the entire 20 minutes, waking up refreshed and ready to go. At one point I even mastered the 8 minute nap, which I utilized often during the hour I had between my full time job in Roseville and my part time job in Lake Elmo, which, for those of you outside the Twin Cities who may not know, is about a 35-40 minute drive during rush hour. I would scarf down some Arby's in the car, get to my apartment, which was also in Lake Elmo, at a quarter to five or so, hit the hay for 8 minutes, and run over to my part time job by 5. I was a good napper.

Now, even on the rare occasions when I have the chance to nap, I can't do it. I'm completely out of practice, so I just lay there, wondering how I used to do it so easily. When I come close to falling asleep, either the alarm goes off or my mind wakes up, ruining the moment. It's a little weird knowing that I used to be so good at something, and now I am terrible at it. Maybe I'll get to relive those glory days again some time. I can't wait.

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  1. Oh, naps [sigh] The first thing I'm going to do when my kids are old enough is take a nap. Yes, that's right - I've got BIG plans! In just ten years...