Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Two Toddlers are Gone, Now What Do We Do?

The two oldest kiddos left for Oklahoma this morning, and we have word that they arrived safely. But now that there's only one child left in the house, and she can't really move, other than flailing her arms, The Wife and I have all sorts of time on our hands. Good thing we have a list of things to do that's as long as a mimmy-jimmy! We actually already got quite a few things done today, after we went out for a delicious-yet-cheap breakfast buffet to celebrate our pseudo independence. Here's a quick rundown of what we want to accomplish this week:
Mow the grass - Put the new hitch on the van - Wash all the sheets - Trim some sagging tree limbs - Change the oil in the car - Rearrange the basement so we can move all the kids' toys downstairs - Move all the kids' toys downstairs - Give me a haircut - Wash the carpets - Clean the kitchen - Clean out the gutters - Build legs for the train table I made for the kids - Kill all the spiders in the house - Clean off the porch - Clean the garage - Clean out the cars - Move the Girl's old bed over to my parents' house - Buy some birthday presents for the Boy (he turns two in just over three weeks) - And on and on and on.

Of course we still have to do all the maintenance required of a two-month-old, but luckily for us she's already pretty low maintenance. If we remember to feed her, oh, about 150 times each day, and change her diaper every day or so, she's happy. What really might cause a problem with our to-do list is that we have a bunch of things going on in the evenings this coming week, things like Board meetings and softball games, and Please Lord, do not let me forget my wife's birthday on Tuesday! Now that I think about it, I don't know how much we're going to get done on our list. Oh well, two-year-olds don't need presents any way, do they?

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