Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watery Fun

I was home with the two oldest kids tonight while my bride and the baby went to church for a thing. It was a hot and disgustingly sticky day here in the Upper Midwest. I think the temp got up to 92 or something like that, and the humidity was almost as high. On days like this, my love affair with air conditioning reaches a fever pitch. Before my wife left for her thing at church, though, she made a comment to the effect of "I know you don't like the heat, but maybe the kids would like to go out and run through the sprinkler tonight." The truth is, even though I love to do outdoorsy things, it's usually their mom who takes the kids out to play in the yard. I figured it was about time I pull my weight in that regard, so out we went as soon as I was done clearing off the plates from dinner.

I quickly found out what the most important part of running through the sprinkler is, at least in our yard. First of all, we need to get out the scooper and a plastic bag and get all of the doggie doo out of the way. If that is a priority at your house, I would highly recommend you do that before you turn the sprinkler on, but to each his own.

Luckily my two toddlers love to help pick up the dog poop, so the added workload actually added to the evening's enjoyment. We saw our next door neighbors while we were picking up the poop, and told them that we would soon be running through the sprinkler. Actually, I had no intention of doing any sprinkler running myself, but I hadn't told the kids that. The neighbors thought the sight of me running through the sprinkler would be a hoot, and my kids quickly agreed. They agreed so whole-heartedly that they wouldn't get wet until daddy did first. They can drive a hard bargain! At the end of the evening I had gotten so wet that we had to take a break so daddy could put his swimming trunks on. It was a great evening of watery fun, and only a couple of piles of poop were "discovered" while running through the sprinkler. The kids quickly figured out the sprinkler could double as their very own foot shower, so all was good. What a fun night!

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