Monday, July 2, 2012

An Eventful Day

We celebrated the Boy's 2nd birthday today, even though it doesn't officially happen until Tuesday. Just like I suspected, everyone in our families asked us what they should get him, although none of them were too keen on the bacon idea I came up with last week. Instead they pressed us for "better" ideas, which my bride and I were extremely unsuccessful at coming up with. That didn't stop aunts, uncles and grandparents from loading him up with presents, though. I'm glad we took the minivan so we had plenty of room to haul everything home. Clothes and summer pajamas were a popular item, along with multiple books, and a few toys, including an awesome Little People brand helicopter and pilot. The Boy loved all his presents, but he was particularly enamored with a book that was based on the Disney movie Cars. It didn't really have much in the way of words, but he liked looking at all the pictures of cool race cars. I suppose we'll have to rent the movie so he can watch it and learn all the cars' names.

We double stacked the day by having the Baby dedicated at church this morning. The other two kids went up on the platform with us while she was being dedicated, and to everyone's amazement, no tantrums were thrown by any of us. I figured that being up in front of so many people at church would be a good reason for one of the kids to start a big brouhaha or at least pull their dress up over their head, but instead they were perfect kids. I guess the Girl did stomp around while our Pastor was saying the prayer, but who can blame her? The platform is old and rickety and makes fun booming noises when stomped on, so Daddy can't be too mad at her. It would have been good if we had had time to change the Boy's diaper before we went up in front of everyone, but Pastor didn't seem too overcome by the smell.

Overall, it was a wonderful day spent with friends and family, but the best part was when Grandma & Grandpa decided to keep the Girl & the Boy for a sleepover, and then have them hang out at their house during the day tomorrow. I don't think this week could start out any better!

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