Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Naked Time

It's true that the male of our species (human) is naturally an exhibitionist, whether he has much to flaunt or not. If you'd look at me now, even with my clothes on, you would never think that I used to be a regular at one of our local gyms. But I was, and when I was, I got my fair share of viewing time of exhibitionist males while in the locker room. It seemed like half of the guys in the locker room may have suffered from some strange kind of allergic reaction to towels, because they never seemed to have one near them, and wouldn't think of wrapping one around themselves. Instead they just spent all their locker room time in the nude, seemingly without a care in the world. Many of them seemed to have a lot of time to kill too, so they were in no hurry to put any clothes on. They were as happy as a naked lark, just hanging out in the locker room without any clothes on. Men's locker rooms are a weird place. I wouldn't recommend you go in one, if you don't have to.

I am writing about naked males because, apparently, you don't have to be an old weird dude in a locker room to be an exhibitionist. I have proof that the exhibitionist mindset can develop at an early age, even as early as two years old. The Boy just turned two a couple of weeks ago, and right along that same time frame he developed an urgent need to run around without any clothes on. This is not a constant need in his case, but it has shown itself at least twice a day for several days now. The first instance usually happens within about ten minutes of his getting out of bed, during the time we like to call "getting dressed". As soon as the Wife or I get his jammies and diaper off, he bolts out of the room, shouting "Naked boy!!" to anyone and everyone he can find in the house, giggling and laughing the whole time. After several loops throughout the house, he settles down long enough to get his clothes on, but then the same thing happens before bedtime when we're trying to get him back in his jammies. Thankfully this has only happened at home, so it's really not a big deal. It does make me wonder who he might have learned it from though. I think maybe I better put some clothes on and do a little investigating...


  1. Max went through a Naked phase. We would give him an allotted time after bath where he could be naked (we used to set a timer) and then he had to get clothes off. It worked, he knew that he got the naked time after bath so he knew not to strip and streak any other time :)

  2. hmmm.....we must be in trouble then because at 7 months Aiden already LOVES to be naked. He could be crying and screaming but when I strip him down for bathtime and say "naked baby" he starts giggling and kicking with excitement.....

  3. Yeah, I think pretty much every kid enjoys his or her naked time, at least a little bit. And, really, who can blame them?