Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling - Keep Them Babies Rolling

It's been a big day so far in the Hanson household. We have gotten some really big news, all of which concerns the newest Hanson, the Baby. First of all, the Wife was getting all three of the kids dressed this morning while I was out getting the garbage ready. It seemed like a normal, everyday, chaos-filled morning, when all of a sudden the Girl came running out from the bedroom, shouting at the top of her lungs, "THE BABY ROLLED OVER!! THE BABY ROLLED OVER!!" When we got back into the bedroom, sure enough, there was the Baby, laying on her tummy, which she usually does not like to do. I guess she was just laying there on her back on the floor while the Wife was getting the Girl out of her jammies, and the next thing anyone knew, she had rolled over onto her tummy. This is always a very exciting milestone for babies, and as far as we know, at 4 months and 5 days old, the Baby is the youngest ever to achieve the feat. Not that I've done any research on the matter. We're just going to go with it. It's very exciting news!

The second exciting thing happened when we took both the Baby and the Boy to the Dr.'s office for their 4-month and 2-year checkups, respectively. Everything was going fairly smoothly, other than the Boy's general uneasiness concerning everything that was going on. We have been reading the book "Pooh Goes To The Doctor", hoping to calm any nerves about going in for checkups, but I think instead it made the Boy suspicious of anyone in a lab coat. Well, we got through it all okay, even the shots, but one piece of news we received made it all worthwhile. When the Dr. was telling us about both our kids' height and weight, and how they compared to other kids, she looked at the Baby's height chart, and told us, "Hey, she's off the chart." I'm pretty sure that means that our sweet, little Baby is the tallest 4-month old in the history of the world! Isn't that exciting! First, she's the youngest ever to roll over, and now she's the tallest ever to exist. A daddy can't be much prouder than I am right now!

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