Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yet Another Milestone!

All of a sudden, we have been having milestone after milestone in our household. First of all, the Boy went pee in the potty, not once but twice. We hadn't even begun to think about working on potty training him yet, and then he went and did it on his own. Not that he is potty trained or anything, but it's a start. And he seems very excited about it, running around the house both times it has happened, shouting in barely intelligible toddler speak, something to the effect of "Peed in potty! Peed in potty!" We're all very proud.

The next milestone was when the Baby rolled over for the first time. This also was very exciting, but the Baby didn't seem quite as giddy as the Boy did about his peeing. Instead of running around the house, shouting about her accomplishment, she pretty much just laid there on her tummy for a few moments, then realized she's not a huge fan of laying on her tummy, and so started to wail and gnash her gums until the Wife turned her back over. She hasn't tried rolling over again.

Just today we had another milestone in our family. Maybe this one could more accurately be described as a rite of passage, since it's not exactly fun and exciting for anyone involved. It is something that all the Hanson children have gone through, though, so one might say it's kind of a tradition, too. It all happened like this: We were enjoying a nice relaxing lunch in the conference room at work, and when I say "we", I mean the Baby, the Girl, the Wife, the Co-Worker who we'll call Mike, and myself. All was going swimmingly, until all of a sudden the Wife let out a noise - let's call it a controlled shriek since it wasn't blood-curdling, but it still let us know that something was wrong. She summoned me over to have a look at the Baby, pointing out something behind her left ear. Sure enough, there it was: the Baby's first wood tick! It had just recently attached itself, so it was only the size of a wood tick, not the size of a grape, like the one we found on our dog a few years ago. Daddy took the Baby into the other room and performed a beautiful tickectomy that went so smoothly the Baby didn't even twinge or make a peep. Within a couple of minutes the tick had been cremated, and we all went back to enjoying our lunch. Now it's time to look forward to the next milestone. I wonder what it will be...

A tick much like this perished when it tried to eat my Baby. It won't try to do that again!

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