Saturday, August 11, 2012

40% More Chaos...

We just did the unimaginable. We willingly agreed to add to the chaos in our house for the next week by looking after my sister's and her brother-in-law's dogs. So now, along with our two toddlers and baby, we are housing our two yippy dogs, Toby and Gromit, and two more yippy dogs, Daisy and Mittens. Toby is always very welcoming to other dogs, because he is a very happy and annoying dog. Gromit is the exact opposite of Toby: unhappy and annoying. He does not like other dogs moving in on his territory, but, in reality, he doesn't like anything, period. He is about as grumpy as a living creature can be. We like to think of our two dogs as a "nice mix".
Daisy, my sister's dog, is a very nice poodle/cocker spaniel mix, who has the special talent of looking exactly like a miniature black sheep when she hasn't had her hair cut in a while. You could shear her and make a large sweater, or maybe fill a couple of pillows with her hair. Mittens is a lhasa apso/shih tzu mix. We haven't spent a great deal of time with Mittens, other than at the occasional family function. She seems very nice, but tonight in a new environment like our house, she has been a little skittish.
Mittens, safe and sound back in the house

The week of added chaos almost got off to a really bad start. About 5 minutes after my sister's brother- and sister-in-law left after dropping off the dogs, one of us, who shall remain nameless, let Toby out in the front yard so he could go potty. The problem was that Mittens snuck out without our seeing, and we didn't realize she was gone right away. First we thought maybe she was stuck in a room behind a closed door somewhere in the house, but soon it was obvious she wasn't inside. With just a little bit of panic, or maybe it was closer to extreme trepidation, the Wife went outside and called Mittens' name. Thankfully, she came bolting around the corner from over by our parked cars, eager to see somebody she recognized, even though we weren't her mommy or daddy. Hopefully she will get used to us and our chaotic house throughout the week, and won't try to escape again. Or, if she does, I'll try to talk her in to taking Gromit with. I could do without the grumpiness for a few days.

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