Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family Reunion Time!

Yesterday was the annual Anderson Family Reunion over in Spring Valley, Wisconsin. I know you're probably thinking that I went to the wrong reunion, since my last name is Hanson. Well, if you must know, my dad's mom's maiden name was Anderson. Rogna Anderson, to be exact. She is famous for being the only person in the history of the world ever to be named Rogna. She also was one of nine children, most of whom had lots of their own children, who have, in turn, had their own children, so now there are dozens, if not millions, of Anderson family cousins spread throughout the country. Every August a large number of us converge on the tiny burg of Spring Valley, where the family had its roots, to enjoy each others' company and eat copious amounts of hotdish.

This year's reunion had the potential of being especially fun because we had the chance to show off the newest member of the family, the Baby, to all of our cousins who hadn't met her yet. We were hoping that with all those cousins around, the Wife and I wouldn't have to be on baby duty too much, but realistically the Baby is not very good at being held by strangers. Or people she knows. For the most part, she only likes to be held by Mommy or Daddy, so we didn't get as much of a reprieve as we were hoping for. For this reason she is currently third on our list of favorite kids.
The Baby being held by my cousin, Jackie. This joyful scene did not last long.
All in all, it was a fun time getting back in touch with cousins that we don't often see, and it makes us look forward to next year's reunion, not only so we can see our family members again, but also because our kids will all be old enough to walk by then, so we can just let them roam around the park, and Mommy and Daddy can get some peace and quiet. We can't wait!

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