Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey Man, You Got Some Weed?

We had some landscape work done in our backyard a month ago or so. I should say that we had some landscaping done that gave us a backyard. Up until we got the work done, we didn't really have a backyard. We have a screened in porch off the back of the house, and our "yard" just sloped away from the end of the porch, down towards the little pond that we live on. There wasn't any level ground at all back there. Which meant that there wasn't anywhere for the kids to play, no room to put our grill, and no place to put a patio, if we ever wanted to do that. For the past 6 years we've kept our grill in the garage, and wheeled it out onto the driveway whenever we wanted to grill. The Wife, who does all the grilling, always assumed our neighbors thought she was a real redneck when she was out grilling on the driveway. I have always tended to agree - she did look like a redneck!

After years of thinking we could build a retaining wall and fill in and level off our backyard by ourselves, we finally came to the realization that we should probably hire a professional to do it. We are very happy we did, as the wall looks great, and the yard is level, and the whole project doesn't look like it is about to collapse like it would have if I had done it. We now have an actual backyard, with plenty of room to move about and have fun.

There is one thing that is keeping us from enjoying our new backyard, however. We decided to save some money by seeding the new area ourselves, instead of paying hundreds more dollars to have sod laid. We figured a couple of $9 dollar bags of grass seed and being adamant about watering made more fiscal sense, so we quickly got to work once all the heavy machinery was out of the yard. And things were looking really good back there within a few short days. We had seedlings all over the place, so we thought we would be spending our evenings running barefoot through our lush new grass in no time.
These weeds have taken over our new backyard. We hate them.
We kept up the watering, and our new sprouts quickly grew. But then they kept growing. And growing. Soon it was obvious that the grass seed we had spread was not what has turning our new yard green; it was some kind of tall, grass-like weed that was taking over, keeping the actual grass that we coveted from growing much at all. These weeds were everywhere! Not wanting to spread a bunch of weed killer, which we thought might not be good for the few tiny sprouts of real grass we did have, the Wife decided she would go out and dig up all these weeds by hand. So, every night for the past several weeks, once our gaggle of kids was snug in their beds, she has gone out into the near-dark to do combat with our bumper weed crop, which we just found out is called Yellow Nutsedge. She also had to fight off the swarms of mosquitoes which seemed to have formed some kind of evil alliance with the hated weeds. The Wife is slowly winning the battle though, as can be proven by the number of garbage bags I have filled up with dead weed corpses. Soon, all the weeds will be gone, and we will be able to enjoy our new backyard. For the time being, I guess we'll just have to show off our redneck side for a little while longer.

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  1. I always thought Connie was a redneck!! The only way to disprove this of course is for you to grill for your neighbors!