Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reality Check

My softball team, the Waite Park Leviathan, had a wonderful season this summer. It was a season that none of us really expected. This was our 5th year playing in the White Bear Lake Men's Church League, and all of our previous seasons had been terrifically unspectacular. We had only had one winning season up till now, which made me think that we were what we were: a very mediocre softball team filled with a bunch of great guys who have a fun time playing together.

Then this season happened. Somehow we got transformed into a hitting machine, and our defense wasn't half bad either. If somebody on our team got on base, we almost always got them in to score a run. And everybody hit well - no matter how they had hit in past years. We didn't have a weak spot in the lineup. Our defense, though not perfect, also improved dramatically, so much that I would say we were easily the best defensive team in our league. We only gave up about 6 runs a game, which was 4 runs better than any other team in our league.

Since I am the coach of our team, I was ecstatic with how we were playing, even though I had no idea what the reason was. Being the blowhard that I am, I wanted to take all the credit, but even I had to admit it probably wasn't something I had done. We ended up winning the regular season championship along with the playoff championship in our league, and I thought , "Hey, we might as well keep playing and see if we can't win the State championship, too!" Little did I know that if we didn't actually go and try to win the state championship, we would have had just as much of a chance of winning it.
We all looked like this during the state tournament today.
Today was the day of the state tournament, so we all headed up to the lovely Andrews Park in Champlin, MN to see what we could do. It turns out, we couldn't do much. It was a double elimination tourney, so we were assured of playing at least two games, and that's exactly what we played. We did play better in the second game, but we ended up losing both, the first game by a score of 16-1, and the second by a score of 19-2! It was pretty ugly, but we had fun, and now we know that, even though we were the best team in our league, we all have a lot of room for improvement if we want to be in the caliber of some of those other teams. Whatever the case, we need to shake off all the bad feelings from today's massacres - fall ball starts in 6 days!

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