Monday, August 6, 2012

The Baby Has a New Hobby!

The Baby has become very proficient at rolling over in the past week or so. She can roll over with the best of them. It seems as though she hardly exerts any energy at all when she's doing it - one second she's laying on her back, and the next second she's on her tummy, without a peep or a grunt out of her. The problem is that she hasn't exactly figured out how to roll back on to her back, so she is stuck on her tummy until one of us turns her over. This wouldn't be problem, except for the fact that she totally HATES being on her tummy. So, the sequence always goes like this: 1. Baby rolls over. 2. Baby immediately starts crying. 3. Mommy or Daddy puts her back on her back. 4. Wait 10 seconds. 5. Start over at Step 1.

Apparently we haven't been very good at teaching her the Law of Cause and Effect. You would think that babies come out of the womb knowing it, but this baby sure didn't. Somehow we have to teach her that her
New Favorite Hobby, rolling over, always brings about her Least Favorite Thing, being on her tummy. So either she'll have to quickly learn how to enjoy being on her tummy, or we'll have to figure out how to keep her from rolling over. I'm thinking about propping her arms straight out at her sides with some popsicle sticks so she can't roll over. That seems like the most logical solution to me...

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