Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Great Minnesota Weird Together

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Minnesota State Fair today. It is billed as the "Great Minnesota Get Together", which is true, but in my estimation most of the people that are doing the getting together are pretty weird. You see all sorts of weird people at a gathering like the State Fair, and today, with the temperature soaring into the mid-90s, we saw all sorts of weird people wearing way too little clothing. People that should not be wearing tube tops, skintight tank tops, shorty shorts, or no shirt at all, were. I even saw a 40-something mom wearing a bikini top and tight cut-off jean shorts. It's not a day at the beach, people, it's the State Fair! Please, wear more clothes!
A sea of weirdness at the Minnesota State Fair.    Photo Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair
On a much more fun note, even though we were wading through a sea of humanity that numbered in the tens of thousands, I saw six (6) people I knew at the Fair today. Four of them were people from church, who we saw all within about five minutes of each other, and the other two were both umpires that I know from playing in our summer softball league in White Bear Lake. I didn't notice either of them at first, probably because they weren't wearing their red umpire uniforms that I normally see them in, but they recognized me. I don't think it's because I've argued with them a lot throughout the years, but you never know. I know one thing is for sure. If they had been walking around wearing shorty shorts and no shirt, I would have noticed them! I'm certainly glad they weren't.

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  1. What a sea of people! Not sure I could've handled all the Minnesotan weirdness!