Friday, August 24, 2012

This, Too, Shall Pass

We've got a new favorite saying around our house: "This, too, shall pass." The Wife and I say it to each other approximately two to three hundred times a day. About 97% of the time we say it about something that the Baby either is doing or has done, with the Girl, the Boy, and the two mutts making up the other 3%. It seems to me that the Baby is much more ornery and/or all-out angry than our other two kids were at this age, but oftentimes the Wife will remind me that either the Girl or the Boy did pretty much the exact same thing when they were babies. Apparently I have a very selective memory about these things, because I usually don't recall that. All I seem to remember about the first few months of our our first two kids' lives is that they seldom cried, they were happy most of the time, and they slept like logs from the day they came home from the hospital. My mind must have blocked out the bad parts, in an attempt to make me open to having more kids. I guess it's worked twice already. I think I better start taking notes so I remember the misery more clearly in the future.

The Baby has been especially bad at night lately. We have gotten her to be pretty consistent about taking two naps during the day, one at mid-morning and another at mid-afternoon. We don't think that is too much sleep for a 5-month-old, but it may be, because she is turning into a really bad sleeper at night. She wakes up several times throughout the night, requiring us to either get up and give her her pacifier or get up and feed her some milk. Often times she does not want to go back to sleep, instead preferring to scream and cry for an unlimited amount of time. With our other kids we were able to utilize the "cry it out" method of getting the baby to settle down, but now the Baby shares a bedroom with her two older siblings, and they aren't big fans of listening to their baby sister sobbing uncontrollably for minutes on end, several times each night.
We have to figure something out, or else we all may be driven insane by our sleep deprivation. The Wife keeps poo-pooing my idea of moving to Canada, probably because she thinks it's too close - the kids could probably find us. We need to figure out something quick to make sure that this, too, shall pass.

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