Monday, September 17, 2012

Bring on the Germs!

Our motto as parents has always been "Bring on the germs!" We have always felt that the best way to build up our kids' immune systems is to let them get dirty, don't be afraid to let them touch things, don't avoid people or other social situations, and don't use hand sanitizer unless it's absolutely necessary. I think that our plan has worked out well. Oh sure, all the kids have gotten some minor sniffles every once in a while, but nothing more than that. Until today, that is. The Girl was spending a delightful day at Grandma D's house, when she suddenly started to not feel very well. She took an early nap, but still didn't feel well afterwards. Soon, she got sick all over my sister, who just happened to have dropped by for a quick visit. That's what I call bad timing! The Girl seemed to be feeling better when I got there to pick her up, so I decided to take the 5 minute drive to our house. About 200 feet from our driveway she got sick again. And then again, about an hour later. She seemed better before going to bed, but Daddy made sure to put a bucket next to her, just in case.
This is an actual photo of the germs that made the Girl sick. If they weren't so cute I would be really mad at them.

Since this is the first time any of our kids have thrown up, other than when they spit up when they were infants, there's only one sure thing for Mommy & Daddy to do now: become totally paranoid that we're going to get sick too! I started feeling the pangs of paranoia kick in right after dinner, when I felt some gastrointestinal unease starting. Then I remembered that I pretty much live in a constant state of gastrointestinal unease, so my pangs subsided. If my gastrointestinal unease turns into gastrointestinal turbulence, that will be a real cause for concern. But until then, I should be okay.

I have always thought that the Wife had a higher level of intestinal fortitude than I, but after we put the kids to bed, she asked me, "Now that we have a sick kid, do you wonder if we're going to get sick, too?" Always wanting to share my true inner feelings with the woman I love, I told her, "No, don't be silly!" I guess I chose that moment in time to finally keep my true inner feelings locked up inside. Hopefully the contents of our stomachs stay locked up inside, too. Wish us luck!

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