Saturday, September 8, 2012

Can We Just Skip This Year?

The Boy used to be such a sweet kid. He readily said "Thank you" at the proper times, he was very giggly and happy most of the time, and he would give us all random hugs for no reason at all. Then he turned 2. Now he is obstinate, he grabs things out of people's hands without asking, he hits people (especially Daddy), he does not listen to his parents, and one of his favorite hobbies is kicking the dogs (luckily his short legs don't get much force behind the kicks). Before his birthday I thought he was going to be an even easier kid to deal with than his older sister, the Girl, was, and she has always been a very good girl. At least that's what other parents have told us. We weren't always so sure. One thing is for sure: she never went through a hitting or dog-kicking phase.

Another thing is also for sure: I am not liking the Boy's two-year-oldishness, if I may coin a new word. I wish we could either go back in time to the day before he turned 2, or skip ahead to when he is a full-fledged 3-year-old -- wise, mature, kind, and soft-spoken. You know, like every other 3-year-old....What, are you saying your 3-year-old wasn't all of those things? Maybe we should skip ahead to when he's 4. Or 40!

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