Friday, September 7, 2012

Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair

The Girl is almost 3 and a half, which, these days, means that it's time for her to go to preschool. I never went to preschool, so my school experiences didn't start until I was 5, when I went to kindergarten. That doesn't really have anything to do with this story, other than to sound like I think things used to be better in the old days, and to prove, like my wife says, that I am far more curmudgeonly than I should be for only being 38 years old.

Any ways, the Girl is about ready to go off to school, and she and her mommy, the Wife, thought that it would be fun to trim a little bit of her hair to make it look nice when she meets all of her new classmates. The Girl has always had a lot of hair, already having had 5 inches cut off about a year ago. It was obvious she had a lot of hair as soon as she was born, but it really hit home when the nurse who gave her her first bath, in the hospital, asked us which side of her head she should part her hair on. I don't know about you, but we did not head to the hospital thinking that our new baby was going to come out of the womb needing hair styling ideas. We did not come prepared with a tube of Baby Pantene Coconut-Infused Styling Gel, or whatever newborns are using these days. Within a couple of months her hair had grown into a nice Elvis-like pompadour, and it has continued to grow ever since.
So, last night, the Wife got out our hair cutting scissors, and proceeded to turn the kitchen into a salon. The Girl seemed excited to have her hair cut, but only if a small portion was being cut. Her mom and I told her she would probably be getting about 5 inches cut off. The Girl tried to talk us down to 1 inch. After some thoughtful bartering, we landed on 3 inches as the magic number. Luckily 3-year-olds aren't good at measuring! The Wife made the first cut, and let out a very audible gasp when she saw what she had actually cut. She turned the Girl towards me so I could get a better look, and I saw a chunk of hair had been cut that was more like 9 inches! There was a very dramatic pause by everyone in the room, and then the Wife said, "Well, I gotta make it even!" So, the Girl got 9 inches cut off. Mommy did an excellent job, and it looks very nice. Hey, at least she doesn't look like Elvis again!

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