Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Singing, Daddy!!!

Early on in our parenting tenure, we had to implement a "No Singing at the Dinner Table" rule. The Girl was carrying on full-blown conversations and singing around the house when she was about 15 months old, so it was imperative that we nip it in the bud. Whatever a bud is. I've never understood that one. Any way, we implemented that rule, and everything was peaceful around our dinner table for quite a while. Once the Boy was old enough to talk and sing, Mommy & Daddy made sure we were clear about the importance of the rule, just to make sure everyone understood that eating time is talking time, but not singing time.

For some reason, the Boy has really grown to love this rule. Usually we would be ecstatic when any of our kids truly embrace one of the rules we have in our house, but this time he has taken it too far. He thinks that the "No Singing" rule applies to every facet of life, and he does his best to enforce it. I think it started innocently enough, when we were singing "Happy Birthday" together as a family, probably to celebrate the Girl's 3rd birthday earlier this year. Everyone was singing along in perfect harmony, almost to the end of the song, when the Boy remembered our rule, and shouted "NO SINGING!!" at the top of his lungs. Actually, it was pretty funny, and how can you get mad at such a good rule-abiding kid, who at the time was not even 2 years old.
Unfortunately his zest to keep us from singing has blossomed into an all-out obsession. This has not gone over well with the Boy's parents, especially Daddy, who is liable to break into song at the drop of a hat. If the Boy is around, I can get three, maybe four, notes out of my mouth in a given song, before he hits me with a bellowing "NO SINGING, DADDY!!" We have tried to convince him that singing, in general, is fun, and that we only have a moratorium on it while we are eating. He has decided that, instead, he will impose the "No Singing" rule on any musically-inspired activity, whether it's humming, or whistling, or even dancing. I could just be doing a simple head-bob while driving down the road listening to the latest Justin Bieber song on KDWB, and I'll get a "NO SINGING, DADDY!!" boomed at me from the backseat. How could anyone object to Justin Bieber? I think we're on the verge of installing the first-ever "Yes singing" rule in the history of mankind. I just hope we're not too late.

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  1. Considering your choice in singers, I can see why the Boy feels that way.