Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Dog Just Brought Us Another "Gift"...

There is a lot of clutter in our house, which is something we are really not all that proud of. And, although we aren't real happy about it, it's a pretty understandable situation, knowing that we have a large herd of small children running amok in here. Small children are not known as being very good at picking up after themselves, but, in general, they are known for being good at throwing stuff on the floor in random places. Hence the clutter.

Even though a lot of the clutter has been perpetrated by our kids, they are not the only guilty parties. I guess some of the blame has to go on Mommy and Daddy's shoulders, as well, but we humans alone are not the only purveyors of clutter in our house. Many of the things that are strewn about the place were dropped there by our friendly and annoying, small, yippy dog, Toby.

Toby is part Yorkshire Terrier and part Poodle, otherwise known as a Yorkie-poo. As a breed, Yorkies are known to be very good hunters of rodents. Toby does not usually hunt rodents, but he does display a trait, whenever anybody walks in the front door, that is somewhat similar to hunting small furry creatures. He always feels compelled to find whatever small, soft, and usually furry object he can find, and bring it to whoever happens to be walking in the door, as some kind of gift. Or maybe it's a peace offering, since he usually has done something naughty while we've been out of the house. Whatever the case, every time anyone shows up at our door, it's the same story - first Toby and our other annoying yippy dog, Gromit, bark as loudly as they can at the person for way too long, and then Toby heads off, and can be seen streaking from room to room, in search of a suitable "gift" to bring the person. It usually turns out to be one of the kid's stuffed animals, but it also could be another type of toy, a sock, or a slipper, or even a pair of our underwear that was carelessly put away. Toby is pretty indiscriminate when finding a gift. He just doesn't want to show up empty-handed.
Toby, shortly after he had dropped a "gift" somewhere in the house.

What happens next should be pretty obvious. Toby is a dog, so he is not well-versed in the act of gift-giving. Instead of bringing whatever he has to the newcomer, Toby just runs around with it in his mouth for a while, and then randomly drops it somewhere in the house. This wouldn't be a problem, except dogs are even worse at picking up after themselves than kids are, so Toby's "gifts" just add to the amount of clutter we have. Did I mention our dogs are highly annoying? I guess we should just be thankful that the gifts he leaves around usually aren't the other type of gift that dogs sometimes leave. If they were, that wouldn't make for nearly as fun of a story.  

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