Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Blog Shows Initiative In The Classroom

Today is the day after Labor Day, and for most kids in Minnesota, that means it's the first day of a new school year. I was just looking at facebook, and a large number of my friends have posted photos of their kids, lined up outside their front doors, with their backpacks slung over their shoulders, before heading off to school. Some of the kids actually had smiles on their faces, which seemed odd to me. I was never a fan of the first day of school.
The author (right) with his childhood friend, Mark, on their first day of kindergarten, oh so many years ago. That wasn't a smile on my face, I was just squinting from the sun.
None of our brood went off to school today, but the Wife and I did take the Girl to Preschool Orientation this morning. For some reason, preschool in our school district does not start until next week, but we had the chance to go in and see the classroom and meet the teachers today. The Girl also met a very nice young 4-year-old gentleman who offered to let her play with one of his cars. Daddy made a mental note to keep my eye on that kid. I know how older boys are!

We have been talking to the Girl about going to preschool for several months now, and she has always seemed very excited about the idea, which made us happy. Over the last week or so, though, her mood has changed from "giddy about school" to "downright surly", I'm sure just because it's all new and she has never been in daycare or any other social situation similar to this before. She does go to Sunday School at our church, but most weeks there are only 3 or 4 other kids in class. This morning she did not seem to want to go to the orientation, but once we got there she seemed to have fun. In fact, she was having so much fun she didn't want to put the Play-Dough away when it was time to leave. I wonder if it also might have had something to do with the fact that the 4-year-old gentleman was also playing with Play-Dough...I think I may have to have words with that boy next week when preschool starts for real.

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