Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yo, Dude, Check the Calendar. Tomorrow is October

September is done. This means just one thing in our household - trout fishing is over for the year. Everyone gets a little somber around our house on this day; I get somber because the trout season is ending, and the Wife gets somber because I go fishing and leave her home alone with the three hooligans. We got through it swimmingly, as I like to say, because I'm a huge dork, and I even caught a few trout. And the rest of the family seemed to have an OK day, as well.

That guy's casting form is pretty boss!
When I used to fish a billion days a year, the end of the trout season was even more somber for me. It meant a huge change in my day-to-day life for several months, and I usually made a big deal about it, even cracking open a beer and smoking a cheap cigar as a way of toasting the season that was ending. Now I don't drink any more, and I never really liked the cigars, so I gave those up a long time ago, too. Today, when my dad and I were done fishing, we just got in the car and hurried home, as I was trying to get back in time to help wrangle the hooligans into bed. I did not get home in time to get them in their jammies, but I did get to see them before they went to bed. I would say that was a way better end to the season than any cigar would have been.

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