Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dueling Dilemmas

We've got a couple of minor dilemmas going on in our house, and they are in direct competition with each other, metaphysically speaking. (Us bloggers like to use big words that we don't know the meaning of, just to make ourselves seem smart. Mission accomplished!) Both of our dilemmas involve doors, and more specifically, the closing of doors.

The Boy is an excellent door closer, and he is always eager to prove that to anyone in the house. The problem that arises is that he only really likes to close doors when someone other than him is about to walk through the door. It usually goes like this: The Wife or I mention that we need to go into the kids' bedroom, for whatever reason. The Boy hears this, and runs as fast as his tiny 2-year-old legs will allow him, into the bedroom before we get there. The Boy then stands behind the almost-closed door, looking at us with his cute, blue, diabolical eyes. As soon as we get within a millimeter or so of entering the bedroom, he slams the door in our face, and runs into the safe inner sanctum of his bunk bed. This scene has been repeated in pretty much every room in our house, at one time or another. As cute as this scenario sounds, it generally is not thought of as all that cute by the Wife and I, who would rather not have doors slammed in our faces on a regular basis. We are currently at work in our Mommy & Daddy War Room, trying to figure out a way to combat this dilemma.

Imagine this, times 4 billion, and you'll have a good idea of what it looks like outside our front door. Image courtesy of the Orkin Company
The other door-related dilemma always happens at the front door. Both the Girl and the Boy are getting very proficient at opening the front door and going out into our front yard. Thankfully, we have gotten it into their thick skulls that they should never do this without telling Mommy or Daddy first. What we haven't gotten into their thick skulls is that, when they do go outside, they need to close the door behind them, both to keep our annoyingly yippy dogs in the house, and also to keep the hordes of boxelder bugs outside of our house. There are currently approximately 4 billion boxelder bugs buzzing around our front door, trying to get inside for the winter. And, usually, if the dogs got out for a few minutes or a couple of months, I would welcome the break, but at this time of year, they actually serve a purpose - they might eat some of the boxelder bugs that happen to slip inside. I guess I have to admit that I want the dogs to stick around. So, now we have two dilemmas concerning the closing of doors. We'll head back into the War Room and try to come up with a plan for this dilemma, too.

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