Saturday, October 13, 2012

High School, Remembered

Me, my parents, and my mullet on the day I graduated, 20 years ago.

My 20th high school reunion was tonight. We didn't go. Initially, we weren't going to go because we thought we were going to be out of town this weekend. Those plans fell through a while ago, but the option of going to the reunion slipped my mind until three days ago, when one of my friends posted something about it on facebook.

I suppose there still would have been time to sign up and go, but I decided not to. We only know one person who is crazy enough to endure the chaos of babysitting all three of our children, and she watched them all day yesterday, so maybe we didn't want to burden her any more than we already recently had.

Me, now, sans mullet.
Or maybe I didn't want to admit to myself how old I really am. Twenty years is a long time. Long enough to make me feel pretty old. 

Or maybe the fact that I have already gotten back in touch with a lot of my old classmates via facebook made getting together seem not so necessary. I already know what is going on in their lives, so trying to chit-chat while loud 90s music pounds in the background didn't seem too inviting.

Whatever the case, we didn't go. Maybe we'll go for my 25th reunion. Or maybe I'll decide to wait until my 75th. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

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