Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Drop-Down Crib of Death

As I have mentioned on this blog before, we moved the Baby's crib out of the other kids' bedroom a few weeks ago. This move has had a tremendous effect on everyone in the house. The Baby learned how to soothe herself and put herself back to sleep in the middle of the night through the use of the "cry it out" method, and this, in turn, has helped Mommy and Daddy get much more sleep than they had been getting. The other two kids have also been sleeping better, because their baby sister wasn't in their room, waking them up with her crying umpteen times per night.

Really, moving her crib out and letting her cry it out in the living room has been one of the best things we have done as parents. There has only been one drawback to the whole situation, and that is the fact that Daddy had to take the entire crib apart in order to get it out of the bedroom. It is about 1 inch too wide to get out the door, and that is even after I took the bedroom door off its hinge.

At first, when I was trying to move it, I thought I could just take one of the crib's sides off, and then jimmy the rest of it around the corner into the hallway, and out to the living room. It became obvious that would not work while I was in mid-jimmy, so I then had to take the rest of it apart, while it was stuck halfway through the doorway.

If we were common law-abiding citizens, taking it apart probably wouldn't have been such a major undertaking, but we are huge fans of the old-style Cribs With The Drop-Down Sides of Death, which are currently illegal. Apparently, a baby or two got their heads stuck in the drop-down side, so these cribs have been banned, but we have always liked having the ability to raise and lower the sides, which makes it easier to lay our ridiculously large babies down, without herniating ourselves. And we have never had an issue with the drop-down feature, either.

We never had an issue with it, that is, until I decided to take apart the crib and move it into the living room. It seems that having the drop-down feature on a crib adds approximately 4,692 extra screws to it. Taking it apart was a major pain. Then I had to put it back together in the living room.

The worst thing was that I knew that, eventually, the Baby would learn to be a good sleeper, and she and her crib would have to be moved back into the bedroom, so I would have to take it all apart again. Today was that day. I went ahead and did that, but part of me thought that it might be easier to take the bedroom door frame down in order to get enough clearance so I wouldn't have to take the crib apart. Either that or buy a new house with bigger doors. After wrestling with this crib, those both sound like viable options.

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