Friday, October 19, 2012

Top Ten Shows That I Used To Think Were Awesome, But In Fact Were Totally Lame

We don't have cable or satellite TV in our house, so we have to make do with the channels that are broadcast "over the air." Here in the Twin Cities there is a new channel that plays various TV shows from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and the Wife and I have watched several episodes of an old favorite of ours, Three's Company. Watching this show that we both loved during our younger years brings back a lot of memories, but it also makes me ask myself "How could I have ever liked such a stupid show?!?!"

It seems like that happens quite often. I will see a movie or a TV show that I used to love, and it won't quite live up to my memories of how great it was. In honor of this phenomenon, I have come up with my list of the Top Ten Shows That I Used To Think Were Awesome, But In Fact Were Totally Lame. See if you agree with any of them:
  • Three's Company
  • Gilligan's Island
  • Perfect Strangers
  • Too Close For Comfort
  • Three's A Crowd
  • Bosom Buddies
  • Diff'rent Strokes
  • CHiPs
  • The Facts Of Life
  • Mork & Mindy
  • The Ropers
I'm sure there were worse shows than these on the air, but at one point or another, and for some unknown reason, I used to really like these shows. I even remember being really sad when both Three's Company and its spinoff, Three's A Crowd, were being taken off the air. Now, looking back at them, I can't believe they were on the air as long as they were!


  1. Scott- this post hits home! (As do all of your posts). I loved every one of those stupid shows...and I remember a tear actually leaving my eye when Three's A Crowd was going off the air. Sad! Keep up the good writing!

    Nicole Walsh

    1. Thanks Nicole! I'm glad you are liking the blog.