Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 Days and Counting...

If my calculations are correct, there are exactly 30 days until Christmas. That means that I have 30 days to get all my Christmas shopping done. 30 days to get our two trees decorated (actually the Wife will do most of the decorating, but I will help). And 30 days to get the house cleaned, because we volunteered to have the Hanson family Christmas celebration at our house!!!!?!?!

We offered our house up for the celebration for two reasons: first, because our house is bigger than my parents' house, which has been our usual celebrating place for several years.The extra size is one thing, but the best part of it is that the basement at our house has been turned into a play area, so at any time we can send the hordes of small children downstairs to play, and we adults can get a break from the constant din, and maybe even take a nap if we want to.

Secondly, we have two bathrooms in our house, so there shouldn't be any issues in that regard, unless there is a mass outbreak of gastrointestinal unease within the family.

So, any way, we are having our Christmas celebration at our house this year. We have exactly 30 days to get the house cleaned, which will be a gargantuan undertaking for the Wife and me. If you don't have three small children running around your house, you probably don't know the messes that they can create on a daily basis. Even if we spend a couple of hours each night cleaning, the mess will at least partially reappear the next morning within a few minutes of the kids' getting up. So we will have to be diligent. We will have to work harder than we ever have on anything in our whole lives. We will have to hold each other accountable, and not take a single night off for the next month.

To that end, I am planning on listing, here on my blog, exactly what we do each day for the next 30 days to get our house in the proper order needed to host a really good Christmas celebration. Every time we lift a finger to do a bit of dusting, or whenever we pick up a single Thomas the Train toy and put it back in its respective toy bin, I will list it here. It will be an exhaustive listing of every single thing we do to get ready, and I will start the list right here today. So, to get things started, here is everything we have done today to get our house cleaned:


OK, look for my daily update right here on this blog. See you tomorrow!

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