Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dogs Are The Worst!

The chaos has been turned up a notch in our house for the past week or so. We've got a problem that really isn't our fault, but it's kind of embarrassing, so I have been hesitant to write about it up until now. But it's time to come clean. We have fleas. Or, more accurately, both of our dogs have them. We're pretty sure we know where they got them, but it doesn't do any good being angry about it. We need to focus our attention on getting rid of them.

To that end, we have already done several things to try and eradicate them (the fleas I mean, not our dogs. Although there have been times when I might have considered that. Like each night at 3AM when Gromit wakes us up with his relentless scratching and digging at the fleas. He is never that loud during the day. Why does he wait until 3AM to do it? Dogs are the worst!).

The Wife has taken the reigns on the attempted eradications. She has done all sorts of things, none of which have worked. Both dogs have gotten numerous flea baths, but those just seem to make the fleas squeaky clean, instead of killing them. Last night the Wife tried a "flea dip", which is similar to a bath, but you don't rinse the "dip" off of the dogs, you just leave it on them. That serves two purposes: First, the fleas get nice and clean again, and second, the dogs run around the house, smearing the toxic "dip" all over the carpet and any and all pieces of furniture they can find. What could be better?

Anyways, nothing has worked in the eradicating department, so we are going to try another approach. After googling "How to eradicate fleas", we came across an interesting all-natural product called Diatomaceous Earth. To me it sounded like an awesome name for a heavy metal band, but in fact Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring powdery substance that dries out evil bugs from the inside out, effectively ridding your house of any pests. And it's safe to spread in your house and on your dogs, so hopefully we will be flea-free in a couple of days. Some people even eat the stuff, claiming that it makes them super healthy. I just want it to get rid of the fleas. I'll let you know if it works.

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