Monday, November 12, 2012

Got a Cold or Virus? Bring It On!

Since the Girl started going to preschool in early September, we have had approximately 482 colds and viruses go through our household. Most of them hit quickly, gave us all a few sniffles, and then made their way on to our friends and other family members. We tried to only aim them at our enemies, but colds very rarely do what you want them to do..

We have had some viruses that have lasted longer and/or caused more havoc, and those are never fun. Especially for me, because those longer lasting viruses really seem to like me the best. Sure, they might take a quick tour of the kids' gastrointestinal tract, but they really seem to hunker down inside me. My gastrointestinal tract must be prime real estate for viruses. If the other members of my family are sick for a day or two, I invariably get sick for a week or more. It 's nothing to gloat about. Believe me, I've looked at every angle of the situation, because I usually love to gloat.

Something magical happened last week, though, that has me giddy with delight. I got violently ill late on Thursday evening, which I was sort of expecting, since the Girl had gotten violently ill the previous weekend. But getting violently ill wasn't what made me giddy with delight. What made me giddy happened mid-morning on Friday. The violent illness went away! It didn't last for ten days. It didn't last for a week. It didn't even last for 24 hours. I was pretty much back to "normal" (I put that in quotes because, let's face it, how normal am I ever?) within about 12 hours of the first twinges of nausea.
Hopefully, when I get sick next time, I won't need to carry this around for very long!

I can't describe how giddy I am, thinking that maybe I have broken the cycle of week-long illnesses. It almost makes me excited to get sick again, just to see how quickly I can recover. See, this is why I put "normal" in quotes...

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