Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hoodie Strings

I am really not sure why, but all of our kids absolutely love my hoodie strings. They attack them voraciously, like a pack of starving hyenas that has chased down a groggy, lethargic and skinny zebra. The kids don't actually eat my hoodie strings, but they do try to suck every last bit of hoodie string marrow that they can get out of them. It's an odd phenomenon. Oftentimes they have sucked my hoodie strings so hard and for so long that I have to wring out the drool when I get home.
The strings on this hoodie would look delicious, if you were about 8 months old. Go Golden Bears!

I don't mean that they all still try to eat my hoodie strings all the time. The two older kids, the Girl and the Boy, have outgrown the fascination. But, when they were from the age of about 5 months until they were a year or so, attacking my hoodie strings was one of their favorite hobbies. It was right up there with pooping and napping.

The Baby has just recently realized her fondness for my hoodie strings. But that doesn't mean she likes them any less than our other kids did. Whenever I pick her up to carry her anywhere, she instantly grabs my hoodie strings and starts the devouring. I probably should clarify that this only happens when I am wearing a hoodie, but if you know me, I am always wearing a hoodie, so there's no need to clarify.

Once the kids start walking, and there's no need for their Daddy to carry them around any more, the hoodie string love quickly subsides. I guess I'll have to find another way to bond with my kids. If I don't think of something soon, I may have to resort to talking to them. Oh no!

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