Monday, December 3, 2012

A Boy and His Shoes

The Boy got some new tennis shoes from Grandma D a while back. At the time, pretty much the only shoes we had that fit him were some well-worn sandals that he had been wearing all summer. And when I say "all summer", I mean all summer. Those were the only shoes he would ever let us put on him, so he wore them all day every day, no matter the weather, and no matter whether they matched his clothes or not. He wore them out in the mud, and he wore them with all of his dress clothes to church every Sunday. He loved those sandals.

He loved those sandals so much that we were a little worried about how he would react when he outgrew them, which kids are known to do. He just wanted to keep squeezing his feet in them, no matter how tight they got. Finally the weather was cold enough this fall that we decided we couldn't let him wear his sandals any more, and we would have to introduce him to a new pair of shoes.

So, Grandma D got him a new pair of tennis shoes. Initially he wasn't too keen on them, which is a nice way to say that he ran kicking and screaming and hid under the dining room table when we showed them to him. But, eventually he let us pry his new shoes onto his feet, and it didn't take long for him to realize they were comfortable and they were warmer than his old sandals were.

If these didn't have the fancy soles or the designer logo, they would look a lot like the Boy's new shoes. Photo courtesy of 
Now, he LOVES his tennis shoes. He can't wait to put them on every morning, and as soon as they're on, he is ready to run. He comes up to me and proclaims "I run fast, Daddy! Watch me!" And then he runs in circles around our kitchen, and in figure-eights through the kitchen and dining room. And up and down the hallway. And, if we're outside, he'll run around and around whatever vehicles are in the driveway. And he will do that for whoever happens to be close enough for him to show off to. He and his new shoes are a non-stop blur of activity. He loves those shoes. Let's hope he never outgrows them...

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