Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Ode to craigslist

I'm not entirely sure who Craig is, or how his list got started, but wherever he is, I would like to thank him dearly. We feel that craigslist.com is one of the best things ever. Not only have we pretty much furnished our entire house with stuff we bought on craigslist, but we have also found oodles of awesome, gently used baby and toddler things for our kids to enjoy, and we have spent very little money. And every transaction has transpired with ease.
Craig's list?
If I wanted to list everything we have purchased on craigslist, the list would be so long, and you would have to scroll so far down the page to see everything, that your index finger would start to cramp. So I won't do that. But, to name a few things, we got the beautiful bedroom set that we have in our room (which includes a gentleman's closet, whatever that is), our wonderful dining room table and chairs, the very comfortable sleeper sofa in our living room, and the awesome rolltop desk that I use for fly tying, which lets me just roll the top down to hide any furs or feathers that we don't want our guests to see.

As far as the kids are concerned, we got the two older kids' bunk beds on craigslist, as well several car and booster seats, almost all of their Thomas trains and tracks, and a boatload of clothes, to name just a few of our many purchases. We have been fortunate to receive a lot of the kids' clothes as hand-me-downs from friends and family, but we also have gotten several huge lots of clothes from people on craigslist, usually for a small percentage of what they would have cost new.

Hopefully this post won't cause you all to rush over to craigslist and buy up everything in sight. But, I would suggest you at least take a look the next time you are in the market for something. You may be glad you did.


  1. It's funny, because I was JUST thinking how cool it would be for you to write a post about all the stuff you have bought off Craigslist. We have NEVER had a good transaction from Craigslist, so I tend to stay away from it; but I am always in awe of the great deals you guys find! :)

    1. I would keep looking at craigslist, Missy. Not everything is a good deal, but there are plenty of good deals to be found!