Friday, December 7, 2012

Good Intentions Gone Awry

We had good intentions for this afternoon. We planned on taking our three kids to our bank, Lake Elmo Bank, which every year hosts a real live Santa and a real live reindeer for kids of all ages to meet and have their photo taken with. We have taken our kids every year since we only had the Girl, and have included the photo in our Christmas letter for all of those years. The plan was to do that again this year.

All of us looked really Christmassy today, dressed in either green or red. Except for the Baby, that is. She insisted on wearing pink. Babies can be so stubborn! We planned our afternoon around the event, and even had Grandma D. and Grandpa S. come with to help herd the kids, and to take the pictures.

Everything was going as smoothly as we could have ever hoped. And then we walked into the bank. As soon as the Boy saw Santa sitting there in the back of the lobby, he turned into a raging ball of angst. He did not want to go anywhere near that guy with the white beard, and clung to his mom with every ounce of strength his little body could muster.

So, with the Boy not wanting to be in the picture, the Wife and I decided to also sit out, and just have it be about the girls this year. Both the Girl and the Baby seemed excited to have their photo taken with Santa. The Girl stepped right up and told Santa what she wanted for Christmas, and then took her spot next to him. Then I handed the Baby over to Santa, since he was going to hold her on his lap for the photo. She seemed to like his long white beard and his red hat.

It was all going beautifully. And then Comet, the reindeer, entered scene. I don't know if it was his antlers, the fact that she had never been so close to such a large animal, or maybe he needed a breath mint. Whatever it was, the Baby did not like Comet. And that may be the understatement of the year. She screamed and kicked so hard I thought Santa was going to drop her. And who could have blamed him? Actually, Santa handled the situation like a pro. Probably because he deals with screaming kids all the time. We saw several kids, some of whom weren't even ours, having the same reaction. So he must get lots of practice.
This was right after Comet entered the picture. I think the Girl was the only one in the whole place who thought it was funny. Obviously Santa didn't.

So, the jist of the story is we aren't going to have a photo of our family with Santa and his reindeer on our Christmas letter this year. That's OK. Personally, I think the photo we did get is even better!


  1. That's a pretty hilarious picture (since it isn't my baby so unhappy).

    1. Thank you! We couldn't have planned it any better if we had tried!