Monday, December 10, 2012

The 2012 Version of the Snowstorm Of The Century

Well, I am officially tired of shoveling snow. I figure we got about 20 inches at our house. That might not be what we actually got, but that's what it seemed like when I was shoveling. It seems as though I spent every waking moment of the last day and a half with a shovel in my hand. Not only did I shovel our driveway twice, I also shoveled my grandma-in-law's enormous driveway (with help from a couple of nice ladies I know, one of whom is the mother of my adorable children, so props go out to her), I helped shovel the sidewalks around church several times while we were there, and I helped dig one of the cute little old church lady's car out of the church parking lot. All of the shoveling meant my old golf callouses got a nice workout, so that was fun. And I did learn one valuable lesson: if I shovel out my aforementioned grandma-in-law's 100' long driveway first, my own 35' long driveway seems miniscule by comparison. Not that I plan to do that ever again...

The last two winters, the Girl has wanted to come out and help me shovel whenever we have had any accumulated snow, but in reality, she has just waved her tiny toddler-sized shovel at the snowpiles for a few minutes, and then either moved on to cavorting in the snow, or going inside to have some hot chocolate.
The Girl and I conquered the Snowstorm of the Century with these meager implements. We are good!

Yesterday, she actually was helpful. We both got bundled up to head outside, and by the time I walked out the door, she had already started clearing off the sidewalk. (Reminder to everyone: she's only 3 1/2 years old!!!)  It was amazing! Every few minutes while we were out there, she would look at me and ask "Aren't you glad I'm out here helping you, Daddy?" What could I say, but "Of course I am!"

The Boy was another story. He didn't even want to go outside the first time we shoveled our driveway, which was yesterday morning. The second time, when it was really deep, he did come out, and he did wave his shovel around, much like the Girl had done the last couple years. But, for the most part, he was more interested in playing and having fun. And who can blame him? He was especially funny whenever a gust of wind would come up and blow a bunch of snow off our roof and into our faces, because he would yell out "It tickles, Daddy!!" I am not sure he fully understands what the word "tickles" means. I'll make sure he reads his dictionary before our next snowstorm.

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