Sunday, January 20, 2013

73 Years Ago Today...

Seventy-three years ago, today, in a ramshackle shanty on the dusty plains of Kansas, a state that wouldn't know the luxuries of electricity, running water, and Coca-Cola for another fifty years or so, a baby was born who would change the course of history. OK, maybe she wouldn't change the course of history, but she would make her own history, as well as the history of all her descendants, interesting and memorable in her own way.

That baby would grow up and move away to the tiny burg of Le Mars, Iowa, which was only slightly ahead of Kansas, anthropologically speaking. She would graduate from Westmar College, which would confirm its place in the annals of education by promptly closing a few years later.

After college, this now-young lady made the trek to the sprawling metropolitan area of the Twin Cities, where she would find plenty of electricity, all the running water she could flush, bottles and bottles of delicious Coca-Cola, as well as work, love, and, eventually, two screaming children. Those screaming children were my sister and me, in that order, who have, in turn, given her a plethora of screaming grandchildren, whether she wanted them or not.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom. Thank you for all you have done over the years for me, the Wife, and more recently, our three kiddos. You are a great grandmother, and we are all lucky to have you in our lives! Here's to another 73 years, whether you want them or not!

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