Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daddy Likes Toys

The kids have a lot of toys. At this very moment, the Boy's favorite ones are his Thomas the Train wooden toys and tracks. Tomorrow his favorites very well could be his Jake and the Neverland Pirates action figures or his Hot Wheels, but today the crown goes to Thomas. Which is good, because we have a lot of Thomas toys.

Unless you are already a parent, or have young nieces and/or nephews, or you work at a daycare, or you are a lonely dude living in his parents' basement who likes to play with trains that are aimed at toddlers, you may not know that wooden Thomas toys are quite spendy. If you were to go to your favorite store, looking to buy a single Thomas-themed wooden train, it would cost somewhere between $12 and $25. And that's just for one train. If you wanted a set that included one or two trains, enough tracks to make an oval or a figure-8, and a building or two, it would cost around $60. These are some expensive toys!

Luckily, the Wife and I are old pros when it comes to finding deals. Over the past few years we have made some significant purchases, while spending only a small fortune instead of our life savings, so we now have hundreds, if not billions, of track pieces, and at least 40 trains for our kids to play with. And, thankfully, they actually play with them.

The thing is, as much as the kids like to play with their Thomas trains, I think maybe I like to play with them more. I like to set up intricate track layouts, and I get a little annoyed when the kids change them. "The Boy is messing up my layout!!", I think to myself.
I may have finally gone off the deep end with this photo montage...
And, even though we have upwards of a billion track pieces, I find myself looking online for more and different tracks, and dream about  the cool layouts I could make. I search for trains that we don't have. I look for roundabouts and new buildings, because, obviously, our trains need somewhere to hang out. I even built and painted an extra-large train table, because the tables that were for sale in stores were too small. I've got it bad.

So far, I've been able to control myself, and haven't actually purchased any of the aforementioned trains and tracks that I have ogled on the internet. If I did, I think the Wife may kick me out of the house. My main goal when I wake up every morning is to not do anything that will make the Wife kick me out of the house. But, if she ever does, at least I know there's always room for me and my trains in my parents' basement.

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