Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do You Think They Have facebook in Heaven?

If you know me at all, and since you are reading my blog, you probably know me at least a little bit, you should know that I am way too addicted to facebook. I don't actually look at it all the time, but I do have a tendency to log in in the morning, and leave it open all day while I do other things. That way I can easily check it any time the mood hits to see if anybody has posted anything interesting. Usually nobody has, but occasionally somebody will, and apparently I have a deep-rooted need to quickly post a (sometimes) witty or (usually) annoying comment in response. Without facebook, I never would have known this about myself!

I think that facebook is an awesome way to get back in touch with people from the past, as well as a great way to keep up to date on friends, no matter where in the world they might be. I post on facebook quite a bit, if you haven't already noticed, writing about anything and everything in my life.
What do you think? Do they?
Recently that has included a couple of posts about Grandma Millie, the Wife's 98 1/2 year old grandmother who recently died. I thought it would be a good way to get the news of her death out to people she came into contact with, whatever corner of the world they may be in.

What has surprised me is how many other people also wrote about Grandma Millie on facebook. I counted at least 19 posts by other people, expressing their sadness about her death, as well as excitement for her life, knowing that she is now in heaven. All of these posts were about a 98 year old, who was never even on facebook! Sure, she was about as hip as you could expect for someone her age. She had a laptop, and even skyped with her great-grandkids in Oklahoma every once in a while. But I don't know that she even really knew what facebook was. And, yet, here was a bunch of people that she touched in some way or another, writing about her for all their friends to read.

Heaven sounds pretty awesome to me, so I'm sure they must have facebook up there. Hopefully somebody can help her get registered. She's got a lot of fun reading to get to!

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