Saturday, January 26, 2013

That's a Spicy Baby!

Spicy is a fun adjective that can be used to describe lots of things. Meatballs, enchiladas, salsa, kung pao chicken, Indian food, and the Wife all come to mind. Normal people probably don't associate babies with spicy, but nobody ever accused me of being normal. Most people, in fact, accuse me of being quite abnormal, so this post should seem pretty normal for me.

I don't actually go around saying things like, "Hey, that's a spicy baby you got there!" There is a limit to my creepiness, after all. But I do associate spices with our babies. And I'll tell you why.

Every single one of the babies that I have ever lived with has absolutely loved spices. Not necessarily on their food, although they all have had very broad and eclectic tastes. Have you ever heard of another 10-month-old who drools at the sight of venison summer sausage? OK, she drools all the time, no matter what food is in front of her. Or even if there isn't any food in front of her. That's not the point. The point is that she loves foods that most other babies don't. But that's not why I think of spicy when I think about my kids.

All of our kids have loved spices that are still in the jar. We keep our spices in a lower cabinet in our kitchen, right between the fridge and the oven, and somehow, some way, all three of our kids have found that cabinet on their own, and learned that spice jars are some of the most fun toys they could play with. All three kids, starting with the Girl, have loved to open up the cabinet door, grab as many jars of spices as they can, throw them out on the floor, and roll them around. We have found spice jars in every room in our upper level. Too many jars to count have ended up underneath the living room sofa; the only reason we see them is because the bottom of the sofa is at eye level as we walk up and down the stairs to the basement. "I see a Cream of Tartar!", I shout to the Wife as I head down to get a can of green beans from the pantry. As long as we don't trip on them and severely injure ourselves, it's kind of fun to find them everywhere.

This probably isn't all that exciting of a phenomenon if you aren't either the Wife or me. But I find it fascinating that all three of the kids figured out where the spices are, and how much fun they are to play with, all on their own. I think it shows intuition. I think it shows intuitiveness. I think it shows aptitude. It also probably shows that Daddy needs to find a hobby. 

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